Banner Stakes Safety Solutions For Any Facility, Anywhere

Industrial Safety Solutions

Clear communication is the key to managing a safe and efficient facility. Our portable safety systems section off areas to reduce liability and convey warnings for potentially hazardous areas. Whether it’s closing off inoperable machines, blocking aisleways or warehouse racks, controlling forklift traffic, performing equipment maintenance, or creating an arc flash boundary, Banner Stakes offers the largest variety of stanchion and retractable belt options and wall mount systems to provide the most suitable solution for your industrial safety need. 

Retail Safety Solutions

Customers deserve a reliable, comforting experience in all the places they dine, shop, and stay. Banner Stakes offers a modern approach to the traditional queue line system while maintaining its core focus on safety and dependability. The robust construction and 2.5″ wide retractable belt allow customers to feel confident as they frequent your business. Built to withstand the elements, these queue management solutions can be utilized indoors or out and will not corrode.

Public Space Safety Solutions

When it comes to public security, businesses that have a consistent safety program maintain a lower level of risk while promoting a more positive experience. From the entrance to exit, and all the spaces in between, clear communication and organized traffic flow ensures safety and efficiency as both customers and employees move through a particular space. Banner Stakes’ wide variety of colors, messages, finishes, and material options allows your business to use the safety solution that best suits your individual needs. 

Portable Barrier Solutions Enhance Facility Safety


Portable Queuing Barriers

Banner Stakes QLine barrier systems are the perfect safety solution for traditional crowd control and queue line management both indoors and outdoors. With aluminum posts and multiple finish and belt options, these durable retractable belt barriers are versatile and interchangeable to ensure optimal safety and operational efficiency.


Industrial Strength Portable Barriers

The Banner Stakes’ PLUS Line is a portable, versatile, and effective barrier system designed to lower the risk of accidents and injury on job sites or at events.

The telescoping stanchions, fillable bases, and interchangeable retractable belts provide unique safety benefits not found in traditional barrier systems, while the portability and storage capacity of the cart package allows for quick assembly and breakdown of the barrier system.

Magnetic Line

Multi-Surface Wall Mount Barriers

Banner Stakes’ Magnetic Wall Mount barriers attach to more surfaces than any other similar product in the market. It’s uniquely designed with rare earth magnets and suction cups that allow for mounting on magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces.

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