Climb to new heights with XR7

Introducing Ridgeline XR7 How-To Videos

Our new How-To videos provide a comprehensive overview of some of our most asked questions about the Ridgeline XR7 helmet. View the attached flyer for more information on Ridgeline XR7 colors, accessories, and features.

Ridgeline XR7® How-To Guide – Suspension + Chin Strap

Ridgeline XR7® How-To Guide – Accessory Attachments

Accessories available

  • CM6010 – Cap-Mounted Muffs
  • XR710STM – Ridgeline XR7 Clear H2MAX AF Lens Accessories
  • XR720STM – Ridgeline XR7 Gray H2MAX AF Lens Accessories
  • XR7CSTRAP – 4-point Replacement Chin Strap
  • HPR761 – 6-point Ratchet Replacement Suspension
  • HHABCMR – Hard Hat adapter
  • S1110 – Polycarbonate Face Shield

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