TASK Gloves: A Better Way to Do Safety

Here at Task Gloves, we value safety above all else. We believe in comprehensive, innovative products to offer top of the line results in hand protection. But we do not believe in sacrificing comfort to do so. We value ergonomic, flexible wear that’s as natural feeling as it is practical for the job. Our usage of unique fibers and coatings creates gloves that are simultaneously resistant to abrasion and durable for prolonged periods of wear.

Our various brands of gloves are perfectly suited for whatever task you have at hand. If you deal with water, oils, or other liquids, try our Versus® line of gloves, coated with our special RevoTek® technology that allows for greater grip. For added protection to these daily applications, try our classic Cutman® line knitted with durable cut-resistant fibers. And for those looking for that superior ergonomic comfort coupled with exceptional cut-resistant protection, our premiere Versus Plus® line incorporates both super lightweight cut-resistant Turnbull® and special touchscreen compatible Falstone® fibers into the material to deliver these exemplary features. Many of our gloves are available in 15 and 18-gauge knit, meaning they are thin, high in dexterity, and with a second skin feeling that offers superior comfort and fit for better hand support and reduced fatigue without compromising hand protection.

Our products are precisely engineered to meet our high standards of quality, comfort, durability, and of course safety. In addition to our brands listed above, we offer protective sleeves, disposable apparel, and cut-resistant sweaters. Simply ask about any of our products and we will be happy to assist you.

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