Banner Stakes Magnetic Line

Multi-Surface Wall Mount Barriers

Banner Stakes’ Magnetic Wall Mount barriers attach to more surfaces than any other similar product in the market. It’s uniquely designed with rare earth magnets and suction cups that allow for mounting on magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces.

Magnetic Line Benefits

  • Durable: Feature rare earth magnets, the strongest in existence, to produce significantly stronger and more durable attachment.
  • Versatile: Integrated suction cups allow you to attach to more surfaces including metal, stainless steel, glass, wood and plastic.
  • Greater Visibility: The 2.5” wide retractable belt features larger messaging for increased visibility and safety
  • Convenient: Available in 3 convenient lengths and the largest variety of safety messages for the most effective warnings.

What Makes Banner Stakes Unique?

  • 2.5″ wide belt – 25% larger than standard competitor belts for easy viewing
  • Multiple belt lengths (7′, 15′, and 30′) to ensure the right solution for your space
  • Customizable belts can display company branding, specific messaging and belt colors
  • Rare-earth magnets produce significantly stronger magnetic attachment
  • Suction cups can be stored on top and bottom of unit when not in use
  • Multi-surface attachment options including metal, stainless steel, wood, glass, and plastic
  • Quick installation and can be easily moved to various locations within your facility
  • Portable design easily fits in a tool bag to improve efficiencies
  • Variety of colors and messages available

Banner Stakes In The Field

The Banner Stakes Magnetic Line is designed with the flexibility and versatility necessary to immediately respond to new safety regulations and requirements that keep people safe.

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