CAT® Tool belts, Tool Bags, Gloves, Hats & Clothing

We are proud to introduce the addition of the complete CAT clothing line to our store!!

Caterpillar has been in business for over 80 years and has become one of the largest manufacturers of construction and mining equipment in the world. The company was founded back in 1925 when the Holt Manufacturing Company and C.L. Best Tractor Company merged. CAT equipment is known world wide for being tough and long lasting. They have expanded over the years to include a wide variety of items including toys, clothing, work gear, knives, footwear and more.

Caterpillar BootsCAT boots are one of our best sellers and what better way to compliment them than with the shirts, jackets, pants, hats, gloves and tool-belts! There is a wide variety of clothing that includes men, children and even infants. They have hi-visibility gear, long and short sleeve t-shirts and a wide variety of sweatshirts and jackets that all bear the CAT logo. They have jackets that are insulated, waterproof, and water resistant. The Workwear Essential line has pants that have functional features like side waist band tool bag holders. A great line of clothing, that we are very excited to say, will soon be available to you!

We’re also going to add the CAT line of tool belts, tool bags and accessories. The tool-belts are top of the line, made with leather and heavy duty 600D polyester construction. They also have a feature which allows you to design your own tool belt by choosing the belt, pouches, accessories, etc to custom fit exactly what you need and want. This line also contains tool bucket organizers and tool bags of all different types. Included in this addition are gloves and hats.

There’s also a great variety of work gloves that include fingerless, leather, pigskin, hi-visibility, and more. There are many different styles, sizes and colors to choose from. All top quality bearing the CAT name. These items are available now for purchase!

CAT has been around for a very long time and we are proud and truly excited about this new line of products that are being added to!

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  1. Choosing the best bag involves more than fashion. Skinny belts and small bags are ideal for petite women and oversized bags suit the size of big and-or tall women.

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