Carhartt Jackets – A Man’s Best Friend

When my wife left me back in the winter of ’97, she cleaned the place out. Among the things she took were my dog, Miles, my baseball card collection, and the souvenirs I had gathered from different countries during my time in the Navy. But what hurt the most – probably because it was the dead of winter – was the fact that she robbed me of all my Carhartt work wear, including my jacket. That Carhartt jacket was a real beaut’. It kept me warmer on cold mornings than she ever did, and losing it was like losing a good friend. The lawyers said there was nothing I could do.

I can’t remember which model my old Carhartt jacket was, but I do remember that it had a quilted lining, which was great. Carhartt quilted jackets are so warm you might be tempted to go ahead and sleep in ‘em! Nowadays, I like to wear the Carhartt Arctic Traditional Coat. It has what Carhartt calls its “arctic quilted lining,” and it does a great job of keeping me warm all day long. Another thing that I really like about this jacket is the fact that it has a lot of pockets. You might not think it, but how many pockets a coat has can be really important. I mean you’re going to want a place to warm your hands, and you never know what you might need to carry.

Sometimes those of us in the construction industry have to work in the rain, which can be about as comfortable as showing up to a restaurant and being seated right next to your ex-wife and her new Puerto Rican boyfriend. Having a waterproof jacket can make things a little better, though. That’s why I always keep one in my pickup truck, just in case. Carhartt offers a great waterproof jacket that’s also insulated, making it perfect for winter months such as these. Among other things, it has a durable nylon shell and a finish that repels water. Inside the jacket has more nylon that’s quilted to polyester insulation for added warmth. It really is a great jacket!

Whichever Carhartt jacket you decide to go with, I guarantee you’ll love it. It’s no accident that Carhartt has been around now for 120 years. Time and time again, their products have shown themselves to be of a superior construction. Check them out today!

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