Arborwear: The Story

For years, tree climbers and lumberjacks everywhere have been faced with the same never-ending dilemma - What on Earth am I going to wear to work today!? Traditionally, there have always been two main clothing options for arborists everywhere: traditional canvas work pants and technical rock climbing pants.  Canvas pants, although durable, are usually extremely... Continue Reading →

Work Boots Buyers Guide

Today's work boot truly is a modern marvel. Goodbye boring old one-size-fits-all work boot. Welcome to the era of possibilities! As a kid growing up with a father in the construction business, I've worn out more than my fair share of work boots over the years. Nearly every summer for as long as I can... Continue Reading →

Shopping for Work Clothes is a Click Away

Shopping for work clothes has evolved into the 21st century making it easier than ever before. Thanks to the explosion of internet shopping in recent years, now your favorite Dickies pants, Carhartt clothing, and all things in between are just a click away. As the trend in consumer shopping continues to shift from the traditional retail store excursions to the... Continue Reading →

High Visibility Safety Clothing 101

The organization issued ANSI 107-1999 standard to provide practical instruction regarding reflective material and garment design. The standard is divided into classes based on risk levels in the work environment. Did you know ANSI (American National Standards Institute) established a voluntary standard with guidelines for high visibility clothing? ANSI Class 1 - Used by workers... Continue Reading →

What is Flame Resistant Clothing?

Many of today's workers work in environments where fatal flash fires and arc flashes are prevalent. Unfortunately, the main source of fatal and serious burn injuries is typically a result of the igniting of an individual's clothing. To reduce the severity of burn injuries from occurring involves the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). The... Continue Reading →

Beat the Heat with MiraCool

How do you keep cool at work during the warm months? Carry water, take a few breaks, or keep a hand held fan around? Those are great ideas, but there is an additional method of staying cool at work. Personal cooling products by MiraCool. What are MiraCool products? They are a line of water-activated cooling... Continue Reading →

Womens Work Clothes

Ladies, you may work in a man's world, but you do not need to dress like one anymore. Welcome to the era of women's work clothes: apparel made to fit women and be just durable as men's. For starters, let's talk about women's Carhartt clothing. Many women claim, "The Company thought of everything hardworking women... Continue Reading →

Stop the Chill with Carhartt Coats

Are you feeling chilled to the bone and ready for spring? We all are, but unfortunately, spring is still 3 months away. Rather than wishing for spring to arrive sooner there is an answer to your troubles. Carhartt coats to the rescue! You ask what is so great about Carhartt coats? They are tough and rugged... Continue Reading →

Perfect Tree Climbing Gear

Arborwear Original Tree Climbers Pants 5 out of 5 (Overall Rating) Customer Review by Chris Burkey from Detroit, Mi. I bought two pairs of these comfortable, durable, perfectly cut Arborwear Original Tree Climbers Pants. These are truly my favorite pair of pants. An added bonus is it has the best cell-phone pocket design yet.

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