Stay Warm Wearing a Carhartt Jacket

Stuck in the darkness of my closet, my new Carhartt jacket sits practically new, and I'm fuming mad at the money wasted because Old Man Winter petered out and made an early exit. No, I don't exactly live in Alaska. In fact, the weather here in Washington State is actually pretty mild unlike the frigid... Continue Reading →

Choosing the Right Socks for You

Admittedly, choosing the right sock can be confusing and complex undertaking. Read any of the product packaging and you’ll find yourself ambushed by a slew of technical names, sounding like a bunch of mambo-jambo. X-static, CoolMax, Ultimax, Lycra, Thermolite…ugh, enough already! Let’s make this simple. It’s all about your physiology, or in other words, are... Continue Reading →

5 Stars for Georgia Giant Romeo Work Shoes

5 out of 5 (Overall Rating) Customer Review by from Pennsylvania. (Previous post on the Gear Guru Blog @ "Best work shoe ever is the Georgia Giant Romeo!! I forget how many pairs of these I've worn out. They are the best work shoes on the market at the best price!"

Is That an Imposter Carhartt?

Just a little FYI for all you Carhartt enthusiasts out there, the company doesn’t manufacture their footwear. Sorry to disappoint you but the boots are actually manufactured by the Red Wing Shoe Company. Carhartt licenses their name and identity to  Red Wing for a fee.  In turn, the company manufacturers boots under the prestigious Carhartt... Continue Reading →

Tips For Choosing Insulated Boots

Have you ever been at a job site and complained of cold, sweaty or uncomfortable feet? Buy multiple pairs of insulated boots. A popular brand of footwear insulation is Thinsulate.The brand has a great reputation for helping keep feet remain warm and comfortable. Did you know that there several levels of Thinsulate? Knowing this can... Continue Reading →

Carhartt Double Knee Pants Do Double Duty

You’re looking for a rugged work pant and have narrowed your choice down to two types of  Carhartt double knee pants - duck dungaree and denim dungaree. Both pants are identical except for the fabric they’re made from. So, which one is tougher? Good question. How about we begin answering this question with a little... Continue Reading →

Wolverine Boots are the Ultimate in Comfort

Automotive shock absorbers reduce bounce by pushing a piston through fluid (oil), which creates cushiony resistance and a smooth ride. Shock absorbers are a necessary ingredient for a smooth ride, standard equipment you wouldn’t drive without. Applying this same technology and theory, Wolverine created an entire line of work boots and shoes with a Durashocks... Continue Reading →

Comfort at Work with Danner Boots

During the Industrial Revolution, U.S. business moguls like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller built their empires on the back of hard-nosed, blue-collar Americans. You know the type. In fact, you probably stare at him every morning when you look in the mirror. These weathered individuals broke their backs and pounded their feet... Continue Reading →

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