High Visibility Safety Clothing 101

The organization issued ANSI 107-1999 standard to provide practical instruction regarding reflective material and garment design. The standard is divided into classes based on risk levels in the work environment.

Carhartt High Visibility Pants

Did you know ANSI (American National Standards Institute) established a voluntary standard with guidelines for high visibility clothing?

ANSI Class 1 – Used by workers who are separated from traffic and working in environments where vehicle and/or equipment speeds do not exceed 25 mph. ANSI class 1 high visibility clothing is ideal for workers directing parking, shopping cart handlers, maintaining sidewalks, delivery drivers, and warehouse environments where motorized equipment is present.

ANSI Class 2 – For workers who are on or near roadways exposed to traffic traveling at speeds faster than 25 mph, and in environments where elaborate backgrounds exist. ANSI class 2 high visibility clothing is well suited for roadway construction workers, utility workers, survey crews, crossing guards, tollgate personnel, airport baggage handlers, first responders, and law enforcement.

Ergodyne High Visibility Windbreaker

ANSI class 3 – For use by workers who are in the highest-risk situations who need to be visible from a full range of body motions from a minimum distance of 1280 feet, and exposed to traffic moving at significantly high speeds. ANSI class 3 high visibility clothing is beneficial for construction crews and highway maintenance, utility workers, tow truck operators, survey crews, flaggers, and emergency response personnel.

– Pertains to retro-reflective equipped parts or shorts worn in combination with either Class 2 or Class 3 tops. When the ensemble is worn in this manner, it is classified as Class 3.

Neese High Visibility Overalls

ANSI class E

Enhanced Visibility – For workers who are working in lower risk environments who can benefit from increased visibility, especially in low light conditions. Enhanced visibility garments are not ANSI compliant.

Occunomix High Visibility Pants

Workers wearing proper high visibility clothing can reduce accidents and promote safety among other employees. Several reputable manufacturers including Carhartt, Ergodyne, Neese, and Occunomix retail high visibility clothing. Each of the manufacturers offer this safety clothing with durability, quality and comfort in mind.

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