Stop the Chill with Carhartt Coats

Carhartt Coat

Are you feeling chilled to the bone and ready for spring? We all are, but unfortunately, spring is still 3 months away. Rather than wishing for spring to arrive sooner there is an answer to your troubles. Carhartt coats to the rescue!

You ask what is so great about Carhartt coats? They are tough and rugged work coats that provide everything you need and want. They are tough enough to handle anything you do. They can go from work to hunting to sporting events, and so much more! Carhartt definitely knows that you are looking for rugged, dependable, and quality. With that in mind several features of these jackets are:

  • Back pleat and pleated elbows allowing for free easy movement.
  • Superior warmth with out the bulk complements of arctic weight insulation.
  • Several pockets for keeping your hands warm and storage space for everything and everything.
  • Triple stitched along the main seams ensuring durability that it is resistant to tears and holes.
  • Variety of styles to choose from that fit your preferences.

Does this information make you want winter to last into May? Just kidding! Now that you are armed with this information, you can buy a jacket that will make winter more bearable. Come back for our next installment on Gear Guru Blog on insulated work clothes.

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