Beat the Heat with MiraCool

How do you keep cool at work during the warm months? Carry water, take a few breaks, or keep a hand held fan around? Those are great ideas, but there is an additional method of staying cool at work. Personal cooling products by MiraCool.

MiraCool Reversible Hat

What are MiraCool products? They are a line of water-activated cooling accessories that can be worn anywhere – work, play, indoors or out. Encased within each stay cool product are super-absorbent polymer crystals. The crystals work by soaking them in water then remaining plump and hydrated for up two full days. MiraCool products work by the crystals retain the coolness of the water and work in combination with the evaporation process against the skin to keep you cool and comfortable.

MiraCool Hard Hat

I am telling all of you MiraCool products are amazing! The selection of products offered includes cooling bandanas, hats, cooling vests, hard hat pads. All stay cool gear contains super-absorbent polymer crystals for fast cooling. MiraCool products are so easy to use without the need for refrigeration or ice. To make the product cold, simply place it in cold water for 10-20 minutes and off you go.

Not only are MiraCool products are perfect for work, but for every activity in your life. They go everywhere you go that is hot including hanging out at the beach, playing sports, and doing yard work. Check out the complete selection of MiraCool products. Beat the heat and stay cool!

2 thoughts on “Beat the Heat with MiraCool

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  1. I have a daughter who will be three in September who has a severe seizure disorder and I was wondering if you had any kind of product for babies to help keep them from overheating but not get too cold in the process. We are hoping to take her to Disneyland California for her 4th birthday and it will be hard for her to handle the heat as she has seizures when she is too hot.. Thanks for your cooperation. Kristy

  2. Kristy,

    Thanks for your question, you really made me think! What’s your daughter’s name? I’m sure she’ll love Disneyland 🙂 I know I always did as a kid. I’ve actually submitted your question to our customer service department; I didn’t want to give you any false information and lead you astray. They should be in touch shortly.



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