Arborwear: The Story

For years, tree climbers and lumberjacks everywhere have been faced with the same never-ending dilemma – What on Earth am I going to wear to work today!?

Traditionally, there have always been two main clothing options for arborists everywhere: traditional canvas work pants and technical rock climbing pants.  Canvas pants, although durable, are usually extremely stiff and difficult to maneuver in.  They are ideal for the everyday worker, but can be somewhat constraining for those who happen to find themselves working 200 feet off the ground in enormous trees on a daily basis.  One noted arborist and Arborwear founder even once tried laying them in his driveway for a couple weeks to soften them up, which I imagine probably wasn’t quite worth the hassle.

Arborwear Tree Climbers Pants

On the other hand, rock climbing pants allowed a free range of motion, but just didn’t quite hold up well to tree work.  Not to mention, these pants typically cost an arm and a leg to say the least.  For years, tree workers were forced to choose between these two inadequate solutions, and for years they have been left disappointed.  Thankfully, some creative folks put their heads together to create a long-awaited solution — Arborwear tree climbers pants.

According to one Arborwear founder,

“Our solution was to marry the two pants and make a comfortable canvas work pant that you could actually move in.  A pant that fit well, held up to the job, and cost less than a case of bar oil.  After lots of prototypes and on the job testing we finally made some things we liked.  Truth is we found other folks liked them too, not just arborists.  The features that make our clothes great for tree work are the same ones that suit any work environment or lifestyle that demands more from your clothes.  We’re not about bells and whistles, just the things you need, that actually work.”

Since its beginings, Arborwear products have literally swept the nation.  It is now one of the most popular apparel choices for tree workers, construction workers, and everyone in between.  The Company has become world renowned not only for their incredible quality, but also for their surprisingly low prices.  Take a look at Arborwear – you will be impressed with everything they have to offer.

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