Stay Warm Wearing a Carhartt Jacket

Carhartt Jacket

Stuck in the darkness of my closet, my new Carhartt jacket sits practically new, and I’m fuming mad at the money wasted because Old Man Winter petered out and made an early exit.

No, I don’t exactly live in Alaska. In fact, the weather here in Washington State is actually pretty mild unlike the frigid Midwest winters where I grew up.

So, this got me thinking, why did I buy a heavyweight lined Carhartt jacket anyways? What the heck was I thinking? How many guys out there, like me, wasted their hard-earned cold cash on a work jacket or coat destined to never see the outside of the closet?

Let’s face it, a Carhartt jacket is  the most rugged available, but it’s not exactly cheap. And, although skyrocketing gas prices have leveled off for the moment, I’m sure all you guys out there can benefit from a few smart buying decisions that will help your work wear purchases go even further, pleasing your better half while providing more money for the finer things in life – a few cold beers.

So, let’s examine a few cost-saving ideas.

Layer, layer, layer!
Yes, the art of layering, it’s that simple. Even the venerable weatherman can’t predict the weather accurately, so why should you?

Solution: Save money and buy a  lightweight jacket and layer up on cold days. Carhartt jackets in particular have a thick, water-resistant outer shell, which acts as a great windbreaker, keeping you warmer as well.

These lighter jackets, commonly referred to as a 3-season coats or jackets, combined with a  Carhartt sweatshirt should more than make up the difference in warmth.

Admittedly, layering won’t save you much money initially, but buying a coat or jacket with a lighter lining gives you the flexibility to wear the same jacket all year by adding or removing “layers” according to the weather therefore eliminating the need to buy two different types jackets for varying degrees of weather.

Yet, another benefit of going for a lighter weight jacket is flexibility.

Heavyweight-lined jackets are usually stuffed like Thanksgiving turkeys leaving you with an unpleasant, stiff, constricting feeling sort of like being hugged by your Aunt Bea when you were a kid. Ugh!

Whether your pounding nails or hanging siding, you don’t want to feel like the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man. An alternative to consider is Carhartt jacket with thermal lining. Thermal lining is lighter and allows for layering without the bulk.

So, layer for warmth and savings!

*This article was written by previous management in January of 2006. As we found the information in it still relevant and useful to our readers, it has been republished on the new Gear Guru Blog!

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