Work Clothes to Make Winter at the Jobsite Easier

Mens Carhartt Thermal Shirt

You are cold and winter at the job site is more miserable than what it needs to be. How do you keep this from happening? Read this handy list of tips and know what it takes to stay dry and warm this winter.

  • Keep your boots warm Cold work boots are very uncomfortable. Leaving boots outside or anywhere that is cold makes you cold and uncomfortable the minute you put them on.
  • Avoid cotton against your skin Wearing cotton clothing against your skin gets wet increasing your chances of hypothermia. The reason for this is that wet clothing against the skin contributes to heat loss much more than cold temperatures alone. An alternative to cotton is insulated shirts made of polyester fabric.
  • Wear sock liners Adding sock liners will make your feet more comfortable. Materials such as polypropylene and lycra  offer an extra layer of comfort and warmth.
  • Do not layer multiple pairs of socks and/or sock liners Wearing more than one pair of socks and sock liner will cause your boots to become tight and lack of insulation.
  • Change your socks at lunchtime Simply put, clean, dry socks are comfortable and instantly warm you up.
  • Allow your feet to “breathe” Always wear high quality waterproof work boots lined with a material such as Gore-Tex. Boots made with a breathable lining allow sweat from your feet to dry so that it will not freeze. *NOTE: Avoid poor quality boots with plastic lining that does not “breathe.”
  • Keep your work boots clean Wash your work  boots frequently to remove the mud and dirt. Dirty boots will prevent your feet from being able to breathe.

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