Finally, A Tool Belt for Women!

Strong WomanHere we are in the year 2009 and women are breaking all the rules. No, I do not mean getting into trouble – I mean proving that we can be just as strong as a man. I got to thinking about this the other day while hanging up pictures in my apartment. Yes, I know a woman hanging up her own pictures. Times have changed and we are able to pound a nail into a wall just like our male counterparts.

Okay, I may have put my hammer through a few walls, but then I learned how to apply spackle and drywall. All jokes aside, I got a little frustrated the other day trying to find my nails and hammer. I really should have a tool belt, right? The reality is so many tool belts are ugly and manly looking. It made me wonder if there were tool belts for women. This prompted me to get on the computer and consult the almighty Google.

Ladies, you are not going to believe how much women really are breaking all the rules! You are not going to believe what I found while I was searching. There are finally tool belts for today’s female laborers and do it yourselfers and they are pink. Several of these pink tool belts feature a design made of heavy-duty pink suede with several pockets to hold everything including nails, pencils, tape measures, etc.

Pink Tool BeltThis is exactly what I needed the other day to keep all of my picture hanging supplies in one place rather than on the coffee table or counter. The good news is I did order a pink tool belt and absolutely love it. It looks fantastic with my white t-shirt, jeans, and work boots. Oh, and let us not forget, I am now able to efficiently finish jobs around my apartment since everything is in one place – my pink tool belt. Finally, style and function for us hard working do-it-yourself women. Come on ladies, join me in the revolution of women’s work gear and hang up those pictures!

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