Carhartt Reviews — Leather Work Gloves

Summer’s almost here, and we all know what that means — time to get back outside and get to work! If you’re like most others I’ve run in to, I’m sure you’ve got a million and one things to worry about this year — and the least of these worries should be your next pair of work gloves.

Should you buy Carhartt work gloves, Wells Lamont work gloves, or should you pull that pair of Barney snow mittens out of the closet that have been sitting in there since the 3rd grade?  All jokes aside, the folks at have put together a review for one of their most popular types of Carhartt work gloves — “Leather Palm/Suede Cowhide”

Carhartt Work GlovesIf you’re looking for reliable and dependable work gloves, these gloves by Carhartt definitely fit the description! Completely ready for working in a variety of environments, these Carhartt leather work gloves with suede cowhide are durable and dependable. Made of 8 ounce, 100% cotton striped duck,  these work gloves feature G100 Thinsulate® Insulation and they will keep you warm in some of the coldest conditions. With suede cowhide palms and patches for reinforcement, these Carhartt work gloves also feature a safety cuff that allow them to be easily taken on and off, for the ultimate in ease and comfort.

According to one customer who has had the opportunity to work with these Carhartt work gloves,

“I work with pigs, and these gloves are perfect for this kind of work. I feed the pigs and [pour] their food down the trough.  Sometimes [I] have to move one pig from one pen to another. When [I’m] wearing these gloves [I] can’t feel anything and they are absolutely durable.”

According to nearly all accounts, Carhartt work gloves are among some of the most reliable in the industry.  So the next time you’re planning on upgrading to a new pair of work gloves, consider Carhartt — and most importantly, consider for all of your workplace needs!

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