Dickies Mens Double Knee Painters Pants

Dickies Work ClothesIf you’re wearing Dickies Men’s Double Knee Painter’s Pants during a long day on the job site, the last thing you need to worry about is the condition of your clothing. That is why my father, a professional painting contractor, chooses Dickies Painters Pants above all the rest. He knows that when he wears Dickies, he won’t have any trouble when it comes to being comfortable, staying cool, and having durable clothing.

Dickies Painters Pants will give the comfort, coverage, and versatility that any professional or novice painter needs. With the innovation of their unique professional design mixed with the durability that the Dickies brand is known for, any prospective buyer will be very pleased with this product.

One of the main benefits of this pant is its heavy-duty “Painter’s Drill” 100% cotton fabric and triple-stitch design. No longer will one have the problem of paint running through their clothing and seams remain intact under many periods of rough use. Because of the airy 100% cotton fabric, you can remain cool and comfortable for many work-days to come

This specific style of Dickies Painter’s Pants also applies another very important feature that is sure to please its users. The “double knee” design not only provides a separation between the two layers of fabric at the knees where the user can insert knee pads, but it also provides a target area of extra-durability that is important for the painter who needs to reach any low areas.

Dickies work clothesFinally, this style of Dickies Men’s Painter’s Pants gives its users a few added features that allow for ultra-efficiency that will please even the best multi-tasker. Perhaps this is best shown in their utilization of a tool loop on the outside of each leg. Now each user will be able to not only paint, but will also have the opportunity to fix any hammer-and-nail problems that they find along the way. These loops could also be used to hold any appropriately sized paint roller, while the painter uses their free hands to do other work. This other “work” can be accomplished because these pants also provide the feature of a tool pocket on the left leg of the pant. This allows the user to not only store the basic tools, but also gives the 21st-century-painter the opportunity to store a cell-phone so that they can keep with their business contacts while on the job.

So if you’re a painter in the market for new durable and cost-effective work clothing, Dickies has yet again proven through the features present in its Double Knee Painter’s Pants, their pants stand apart from the rest.

Features at a Glance:

Sizes available: 30×30 to 44×32
Colors available: Natural and White
Fabric: 100% cotton Painter’s Drill
Seams: Triple-stitch
Double-Knee Design
Tool Loop on Each Leg
Tool Pocket on Left Leg

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  1. Fantastic blog, very informative and good sound advice.
    Dickies painters pants have proved to be a popular choice amongst the trade and it is easy to see why, Great value for money and hard wearing that’s what everyone wants in there workwear, Quality.

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