Mechanics Gloves Guide

Mechanics have one of the dirtiest jobs around, constantly coming into contact with motor oil, grease, grime and gasoline.  Not to mention the antifreeze, transmission fluid, battery acid and other substances that are not only unkind to the skin but also have the ability to cause minor to severe burns.

Mechanics Gloves

  • Wells Lamont Leather Mens Mechanics Work Gloves – Wells Lamont has long been one of the most trusted names in work glove manufacturers.  They truly are a trusted name in durable work gloves that last no matter what kind of rough and tough use you put them through. These MechPro mechanics work gloves have padded palms to absorb the types of shock that may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. The padded palm also prevents bruising and damage to the palms due to excess vibration and grip pressure. These particular mechanics work gloves have a pinched fingertip design along with a gusseted finger crotch which ensures comfort and ease of movement.
  • Gulfport G470 Mechanics Gloves – These Gulfport mechanics gloves feature Amara – a revolutionary new special washable synthetic leather used on the palms and fingers that helps to keep the gloves looking and feeling as good as new even after being exposed to hydraulic fluids, oils and grease. Reinforced webbing between the thumb and forefinger ensure prolonged life and use in these durable mechanic’s gloves. A hook and loop closure secures the adjustable cuffs for a snug fit.
  • Wells Lamont Pigskin Leather Mechanics Work Gloves – These gloves by Wells Lamont truly are the top-of-the-line mechanics work gloves, and they even come with MechPro grips. These gloves are made with genuine soft pigskin premium grain leather for comfort and good looks at work. They also feature a reinforced padded palm patch, thumb, fingertips and knuckle strap for a comfortable fit. The cuffs feature a hook and loop closure to keep the gloves securely on your hands.

–Victoria Ries

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  1. Review by Anonymous for Rating: Decent Drive Metric Impact scetoks. If you already have one, good for you. You’re better off with the old fashioned long, metal case. Enjoy! They should hold up great for occasional use and maybe heavy use. The case is a joke, unfortunately – unless you use wall pegs.

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