Kevlar Work Gloves

When the job demands superior cut-protection, the Kevlar Glove by Wells Lamont is hard to beat. PVC dots cover the entire glove both sides ensuring a secure grip on objects such as chainsaws and other machinery with cutting edges. Bulky work gloves that restrict hand movement may cause accidents to occur, however the Kevlar Glove by Wells Lamont delivers the ultimate in comfort and dexterity of movement protecting your hands from accidental cuts without compromising your range of motion.

nitrile coatedStrength combined with light weight is the beauty of Kevlar; this modern material has effectively enhanced many consumer and industrial products since its basic inception in 1965 by DuPont® scientists. Their research and development into liquid crystalline polymers became the Kevlar® we know today.

These particular work gloves are manufactured by layering medium-weight Kevlar string to give your hands effective cut-protection as well as absorbent cottony softness for your comfort on the inner surface of the gloves. These Kevlar work gloves are ideal for lumber yards and building supply companies; construction sites; glass works; and any situation where gloves with cut-protection combined with efficient gripping power are needed. Glove sizes range from small to extra-large. We have the lowest price on the Internet so buy your supplies now while stocks last. This item usually ships in 3-4 business days.

–Victoria Ries

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