Hard Hat Accessories Guide

Hard hats can be improved with all kinds of handy warm-weather accessories with which to make your life more comfortable and much easier. With accessories like sweatbands, hard hat shades and cooling hard hat pad inserts, your summer working conditions can be much improved with these simple yet effective hot-weather accessories.

hard hat accessories

  • Occunomix Hard Hat Shade – These nifty hard hat shades fit almost any hard hat and are invaluable accessories during the summer months while employees are working in the heat. Effectively blocking out the sun’s UV rays, hard hat shades from Occunomix prevent workers from suffering unnecessary heat-related ailments due to excessive sun exposure.  This incredible hard hat shade allows employees to stay cool and work longer on hot workdays.
  • Miracool Hard Hat Pad – This hard hat pad prevents employees’ heads from getting overheated while wearing hard hats during hot summer days. Miracool hard hat inserts are simple to use: Soak the pad insert in water for 10-20 minutes in order for it to become hydrated and the pad stays cool for days. Miracool Hard Hat Pads are reusable thousands of times over, and need no refrigeration or freezing. Extremely low prices make this buy attractive for all those hot heads out there! This product has a five-star review rating.
  • North Sweat Band provides comfortable wear and superb wicking action to keep sweat from dripping onto employees’ brows in the heat of the day. Fastening directly onto the suspension of the hard hat with Velcro, the sweat band is washable and one-size fits most. The sweat band’s color is blue with black trim. This product has a five-star review.  According to one customer, “This band helps keep the sweat out of your eyes and off your (safety) glasses. With its comfort you don’t even notice it’s there!”

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