Welding Gloves Guide

Welding gloves have to be rugged and tough enough to stand up to a welder’s workday, protecting the welder from splatter, heat and sparks. Protection coupled with comfort and durability achieves a harmonious balance seeing the welder through his workday with ease.

welding gloves

  • Predator Raven Welding Gloves are made from genuine 14-inch split cowhide and insulated as well as having welted fingers to protect the locked stitching from splatter and sparks. Quantity discounts are always available.
  • Rawhyde Frontier Leather Welding Gloves have a rugged three-layer construction. The outer durable leather shell, flame retardant insulation, to the sweat absorbent cushioning layer, ensure your hands stay safe and well looked after when they are inside this product. These gloves feature a reinforced thumb for extra wear. This product is available in size large only.
  • Harley-Davidson Ride Free Welding Gloves are made tough to meet the expectations of a welder’s normal workday. These gloves are made from genuine premium split cowhide and fully lined to insulate against high heat associated with welding operations. The gauntlet cuff provides added protection against sparks and splatters, and eases removal when the job is done. Harley-Davidson® Ride Free Welder’s Glove is available in sizes large and XL only.
  • Harley-Davidson Flaming Eagle Welding Gloves are made from premium black cowhide split leather which is fully lined for maximum protection against heat. Harley-Davidson® Flaming Eagle Welder’s Glove features gauntlet cuffs for extra wrist and arm protection, and easy removal. White flame eagle detail rises from the legendary Harley-Davidson® Bar and Shield logo patch at the top of each gauntlet cuff. These gloves are available in large and XL only.
  • Tillman Kidskin TIG Gloves are made for lasting protection from premium, top grade pearl kidskin leather, with added 2” cuffs and locked Kevlar® stitching they are made to stand up to a welder’s heavy workday. Sizes available are small, medium, large and XL.

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