Women in Construction?

I really don’t think it’s much of a question, since we’re seeing the workforce double due to the injection of strong women. Some people will argue that a woman doesn’t belong there, but can they tell you why not? Whether they’re a flagger on a road crew, a dump truck driver or an architect, women have become more prominent figures on job sites.

pink tool belt
pink tool belt

Women are proven to have a better temperament and eye for detail than men. They add a certain balance to this testosterone filled industry! Take this challenge: next time you pass a construction site, see how many women you can find. There’s even a National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) that promotes the employment and advancement of women in the industry. There’s a proven need for women to get together and make sure they’re getting equal rights when it comes to benefits, pay and promotions.

Some of the hottest selling items on our Construction and Safety

pink hard hat
pink hard hat

Stores are Pink Tool belts, Pink Hard Hats, Pink Safety Glasses and any other Pink items. While some job sites don’t allow pink accessories, many use them to embarrass male workers when they forget their hard hats. We’re also looking at adding Pink Power Tools to the Power Tool website soon.

We can see the demand and are working to meet it. The key to the future is change. During the last few years, we’ve seen the construction industry embrace women and their talents. In a male dominated field, this is quite an accomplishment. Women on the job sites aren’t limited to just calendars anymore!

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