Tool Bags

by the Professional Power Tool Guide

Do you work in the construction or home repair industries? When someone needs to build a new deck on the front of their house, or figure out what keeps clogging up the garbage disposal, do they call you? Although some people may find these blue collar jobs unexciting, the men and women that work them every day know that they are the ones that keep people’s homes and lives running smoothly. If you require a lot of different tools for your job, you already know how frustrating it can be to not have the right materials on hand when working a project. Even if you are only working on projects on your own home, tool bags are an essential accessory.

Carhartt Work Bag

When you set out to go shopping around for new tool bags, you should keep a couple of things in mind so that you get the right bag for your needs. The first thing that you have to consider is the type of job that you will be using the bags for. The whole purpose of the tool bag is to maximize you level of efficiency on the job. The best tool bag that you can possibly choose will be one that is specially designed to hold the tools that you regularly need on the job. Some professions or projects have very specifically shaped tools that just can’t be shoved into any pocket or strap.

When looking at potential tool bags, you need to keep in mind the tools you’ll be carrying in it. Does your job or project require that you carry a lot of light, small, but delicate tools? Or are you constantly lugging around larger, heavier tools, like hammers, wrenches and screwdrivers? Depending on the overall weight of your tool collection you’ll want to consider the materials that make up your tool bags very carefully. While cheaper lighter materials like nylon or fabric might be alright for carrying around gardening tools or paint brushes, they might tear or rip if you tried to carry a drill.

If your tool bags need to be as tough as possible, look for brands that use heat treated leather with double stitching to make up the main portions of the bag. Leather that has been heat formed and double stitched has the advantage of being able to be flexible without collapsing or forming holes. You will be able to wear these heavy duty accessories for a long time.

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