Grabber Warmers – Keep Your Heat

by the Professional Power Tool Guide

Whether you are planning a hiking trip in late fall, going hunting with your buddies in the dead of winter, or taking the family on a ski trip, one issue that you’re sure to come face to face with is the cold. Although you may love the snow and ice, it’s no secret that spending long hours outdoors is the fastest way to squander your body heat and put yourself in danger for frost bite or hypothermia. Whether you are planning an expedition in the backcountry, or simply making your way to an outdoor construction project, Grabber warmers are the perfect way to keep more of your heat in your extremities.

Grabber Excursion Pack

If you’ve never heard of Grabber warmers before, they are air activated warming bags and patches that you can use to create heat right in your pocket. Even if you have quality coats, hats, boots, and gloves, it is still possible for wind and snow to cause a significant loss of body heat when you stay in the great outdoors for long hours at a time. If your job or hobby requires that you be able to use all ten of your fingers and your toes, you’ll want to find a warmer that fits into your attire.

For those that will be hitting the slopes for some winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing and tubing, it is important to keep toes warm in those big bulky boots. For this reason, they’ve created Grabber warmers that are specifically designed to fit inside your footwear without making your boots tight or uncomfortable. There are several different designs of warmers for the shoes, including those that stretch the whole length of the insole, and some that are designed specifically to fit under the toes only. These warmers are flat and thin to maximize comfort.

For those that have to be out in the wind and snow on the job site, there are Grabber warmers that have been made to fit easily into your gloves, mittens or coat pocket. Your fingers are one of the first extremities that can develop sluggish movement or frost bite if they are left unprotected and cold for a long period of time. These warmers can be a welcome addition to any tool bag or shop locker. Any time you need them, they can be activated within seconds, providing warm relief to your cold hands. Try these warmers on your next project.

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