Carhartt Kids Clothing

Parents might work hard, but kids play hard, especially during the winter months. There are snow fortresses to be constructed, snowmen to be rolled up out of the yard, sledding lanes to be conquered, and, often to chagrin of passersby, snowballs to be flung. That’s why Carhartt, the most dependable name in work wear for adults, offers a full line of warm, protective clothing for kids as well. With everything from sweatshirts and hats to coats and jeans, Carhartt has got both you and your little ones covered – literally – this winter.

Everyone knows that during the cold, winter months, it’s important to layer up. This is especially true for kids, who no one wants to see come down with the cold or flu. So start off by picking up a warm, Carhartt sweatshirt for your kids. Carhartt sweatshirts are made from a rugged fleece that’s sure to stand up to whatever your son or daughter puts it through. They also have reinforced, rib-knit arm cuffs and waistbands to help keep the cold from creeping up your little one’s arms and chest.

After the sweatshirt, throw a good Carhartt jacket across your kids’ shoulders. Carhartt jackets for kids are available in a variety of styles. They’re also lined with such materials as fleece and quilted flannel. The Sandstone Carhartt Boy’s Jacket, for instance, is flannel-lined and crafted with %100 cotton sandstone duck that’s both micro-sanded and washed for a softer finish. Polyester insulation has also been placed in the body of the jacket and its hood. All Carhartt jackets are similar to this one, so no matter which one you buy, you’ll be getting a quality product that will keep your kids warm no matter what.

Carhartt also offers warm socks, hats and pants for children. Their Cold Weather Boot Socks are meant for boys, but can also be worn by girls. After all, they’re only socks. For a good hat, check out their Acrylic hat, also meant for boys, but equally fashionable for little ladies. When it comes to pants, you’d be hard pressed to find a better, or warmer, pair than Carhartt’s flannel-lined dungarees.

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