Carhartt Neck Gaiters

By Kristi Ries

Sure, scarves are a fashionable accessory and keep you warm in your day-to-day life, but in grueling weather outdoors, you simply can’t risk being choked up or held back by donning a long, inconvenient piece of fabric. Turtlenecks just won’t do for your line of work, either.

As quoted by the New York Times, Dr. Daniel I. Sessler, an anesthesiologist and expert on hypothermia at the University of Louisville medical school, says that the face, head and upper chest are up to five times as sensitive to changes in temperature as other areas. These parts of your body are most vulnerable, and you should keep each one in mind when preparing for that cold day ahead of you.

You already know that body heat escapes through any exposed surface—yes, you’ve experienced that firsthand on quite a few occasions! That’s why a warmly lined hat is a fixture in your work wardrobe. Yet, when taking into account wind chill and exposure to the elements, you really can’t last for too long outside without keeping your neck covered. There must be another option, you think, that will give you the freedom to move as you go about your day.

Here’s a winter gear essential that will literally save your neck: Carhartt’s Neck Gaiters, which come in a variety of colors. Constructed of durable, 100% acrylic (or, in some styles, fleece) in a stretchable and comfortable style, these coverings add plenty of extra warmth where you most need it, without adding undue restriction as you move about on the job site.

When paired with a Carhartt Fleece Hat, this neck gaiter will keep you going for as long as you need to—whether you’re out sledding with your kids or working on a home addition outside. Working in construction or in any trade that requires most of your time spent outdoors is hard enough! Make your life a little easier and far more comfortable with winter sportswear from one of the most trusted names in work gear: Carhartt.

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