Utility Gloves from Carhartt

Almost everyone that’s ever done any kind of work with their hands has owned a good pair of utility gloves at one time or another. Good for working on just about anything at any time of the year, they’re worn by everyone from lumbermen to brick masons. Carhartt is usually the most popular brand of utility gloves among such professionals. Made from materials like cotton duck, suede cowhide and durable pigskin, utility gloves from Carhartt are extremely comfortable, durable and attractive.

Over the years I’ve found Carhartt’s leather utility gloves to be about the best. They stand up well to the everyday wear and tear that comes with working on a construction site. You can use them to carry cinder blocks, push wheelbarrows full of concrete, lay brick, and landscape. I also use my leather utility gloves from Carhartt to split and stack wood for the wood-stove in my basement.

If you think you might find yourself working in wet conditions, you might want to consider picking up a pair of Carhartt’s waterproof utility gloves. Made from durable pigskin with a waterproof, breathable liner, these utility gloves are perfect for anyone living and working in such areas as the Pacific Northwest. They also feature retro-reflective tape for increased visibility, in case you’re working on a road crew or something similar.

These are only a few of the utility glove options offered by Carhartt, and taking a few minutes to check out Carhartt’s entire selection would probably go a long way in determining which pair works best for you. If you’re a woman, for instance, you may want to take a gander at Carhartt’s utility gloves for women. They have a spandex back and an adjustable wrist closure that guarantee a comfortable fit. Another great thing about these utility gloves is the fact that they come with a gel pad in the palm for added impact protection.

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