Work Gloves: Get a Grip

By Kristi Ries

Have your work gloves seen better days? Maybe a few too many rough winters on the job left them with some serious wear and tear. Remember that time you cleaned the gutters or re-shingled the roof? What about the last job you worked where your hand got soaked from that gaping hole in one glove?

If any of these situations sound familiar to you, it might be time to get rid of the old standbys in favor of new, durable work gloves that will serve you well for years to come.

Yeah, but these are heavy-duty, you think to yourself. Bought ‘em in the winter of ’98. They don’t make them like these anymore. And if they do, they’re too pricey anyway. Jobs aren’t coming in like they used to, so money is a little tighter now, so it isn’t a great time to rack up more expenses. And why spend it on yourself when you’ve got a family to support? You know, maybe some duct tape will do the trick…

OK, stop. It’s time for some ‘tough glove’. You need to weigh your options. At under $30, Carhartt’s Leather Utility Gloves give you the strength and durability you need for tough hauling and a good grip on tools without gut-punching your wallet. They’re insulated, which is what you need out on the construction site for hours at a clip. Plus these work gloves have cushioned, gel-padded palms, which will relieve those calluses you’ve built up over the years.

You’ll be protecting your hands to ensure that you can keep working despite the wind, snow and rain. After all, you’re not helping anyone by showing up with substandard gear to the job—least of all yourself. Choose to be a more effective employee and handyman with the right tools for the trade, which aren’t limited to just what’s on your belt.

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