Free Gifts!!

Being the official blog of, we thought it’d be a good idea to give you guys the scoop on a great new promotion we’ve got going on over at the store. For a limited time only, when you spend $400 or more on our Web site, you’ll receive a free gift certificate worth $100!!

That kind of gift certificate will go a long way at, where all the products sold are very affordably priced. For instance, you could use your gift certificate to get yourself a new pair of Carhartt work boots or even a few pairs of Dickies overalls! Or, if you’re the foreman of a construction site, why not use it to buy your men some new Miracool products, which will keep them both happy and productive!!

What’s that you say? You don’t want to spend $400?? I don’t blame you!! That’s a lot of money!! But don’t worry, because is also offering its customers one of three great products every time they spend $75 or more!! That’s right, I said each time you spend $75 dollars at, you’ll have the chance to choose between three high-quality products.

The options include an awesome multi-tool, a Carhartt credit card holder, and a handy, dandy LED flashlight!! Each of these products normally costs more than $10, so you’d really be making out like a bandit by taking any of them home for free. Are you a painter? Why not spend the $75 on a few pairs of painter’s shorts and then take home the Carhartt credit card holder for free?

Don’t waste anymore time!! Head over to today to do a bit of shopping and get your free gift certificate or product!!! Something this great won’t last forever, folks!!!

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