Cheap Hard Hats – 10 Bucks and Under

Times are tough, and if the newspaper is to be believed, they’re only going to get tougher, which means it’s high-time we all started thinking of ways to tighten up our belts. Cheap hard hats (particularly those that go for $10 of less) are great of doing just that—tightening up the belt a little. Cheap hard hats are available from a number of fine manufacturers, including North, one of the biggest names in the hard-hat industry.

Peak Pin Lock Hat

The Pin Lock Hard Hat from North is a great example of a hard hat that is inexpensive without being of a substandard quality. Versatile and dependable with a grooved HDPE (high density polyethylene) outer shell, this hard hat complies with all ANSI Type I requirements. Best of all, it’s got a price tag of just $5.24.

The cheap hard hats made by Pyramex, another manufacturer known for making excellent products, are also fantastic. Among other features, these Pyramex hard hats include rain troughs to channel moisture away and universal slots for cap-mounted ear muffs and chin straps.

MSA Hard Hat

MSA, yet another industry-leading manufacturer, also makes excellent, cheap hard hats. A great example is their V-Gard Protective Cap. It has a polyethylene shell with One-Touch suspension and, as if that weren’t enough, advanced styling, which not only will you be keeping yourself safe when you wear this hard hat from MSA, you will also look good. Now that’s what I call a bargain, especially since the hard hat only costs $8.29.

So, as you can see, just because a hard hat is cheap does mean that it is also unreliable. Cheap hard hats are a great way to save money while staying safe, something that many first-rate manufacturers, like those mentioned above recognize.

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