Carhartt Duck Bib Overall – Quilt Lined

In the minds of most working men and women, nothing says quality quite like the name Carhartt, and these quilt-lined overalls are a good example of why that is. They’re constructed using a heavy duck that is weaved together extra tightly in order to protect the wearer from moisture and wind. The weave also protects the material itself from becoming damaged by snagging. As you can see, superior construction is truly evident in these quilt-lined bib overalls from Carhartt.

Of course, the way Carhartt put these overalls together is not the only thing that makes them such a great buy. They’re also extremely lightweight, not to mention nowhere near as bulky as some of the other quilt-lined bib overalls on the market today. This makes them perfect for layering up, something we all love to do in the winter time.

Plenty of pockets and metal rivets that strengthen key stress points only add to the level of quality reached by Carhartt with these bib overalls. Other excellent features include wind-flaps that allow the wearer to easily slip the overalls on and off without removing his shoes, small pockets into which knee pads may be inserted, hammer loops, triple-stitched seams and adjustable, elastic straps.

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