Parachute Bags by Bucket Boss

If you use a bucket to organize your tools, you know that even if you organize your tools on the outside of the bucket bag, tools still get disorganized inside the bucket. The Parachute bag is a great solution to this problem, simply store the parachute bag inside the bucket (not included) and let its compartmentalized interior help you keep your tools from getting mixed up and tangled. The Parachute Bag can also be used on its own, without the bucket.

Check out two of the great parachute bags available from Bucket Boss. These bags are made from high quality materials and include a lifetime warranty. They make a great holiday gift, too!

The Super Parachute Bag by Bucket Boss is the perfect way to organize all those little tools that fall to the bottom of the bucket. The Super Parachute Bag includes six main pockets that divide the center of the bag as well as many smaller pockets around the outside of the bag. The bag can close as well, and includes a durable rip cord that fastens tight so you won’t need to worry about losing your tools either. The bag is also durable, made from rugged ripstop material that will last through years of work. Order one of these great bags today for just $12.70, a savings of almost $6 off the list price.

The Parachute Bag by Bucket Boss is another great way to stay organized when you’re using on the job. The Parachute Bag is made from durable, industrial quality polyester and includes six deep interior pockets that are ideal for holding nails, screws, bolts, or small tools. These bags can also stack within a 5-gallon bucket, making it even easier to stay organized. Order a few of these today at Construction Gear’s online store for just $10.59 each, a savings of almost $4 off the list price!

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