Good News for the Construction Industry!

ImageAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, the sector’s unemployment rate decreased by 1.9% from March to April of this year. Reflecting more than seasonal callbacks, this number represents a 3.3% increase compared to April 2013. It remains to be seen whether the growth will continue, or slow, but we think 32,000 jobs added is a very good thing.

When neImagew jobs are added in the construction industry, it impacts the economy positively everywhere. From those who own mom-and-pop restaurants near the construction sites, to those of us who distribute construction and safety gear; from manufacturers of heavy highway construction truck bodies, to engineers and architects designing the roads and buildings, rising construction starts are an indicator of a brighter future.

You need reliable and durable equipment to protect your reputation, whether you are newly employed in the construction industry or it is your three-generation business that has been picking up. Gear like hard hats, work boots, and safety glasses come in a wide array of styles and colors to add customization without sacrificing protection. Equipment like fall protection and confined space entry (CSE) kits can ensure Imagecompliance while helping your employees do their jobs more effectively. And products like eyewash stations, first aid kits, and double booms can mitigate damage when accidents do happen.

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