These Boots are Made for Working

Our sites, Construction Gear, Discount Safety Gear, and Safety Girl, have gotten a ton of great-looking new work boots. Avenger, Nautilus are some of the names you will see if you are shopping for the latest looks. Some are the metatarsal style, some are clogs. All are high quality. We know a few companies are revamping their safety shoe and boot programs now, so we wanted to spotlight some of our newest arrivals.

CSGBOTM1000032308_-00_Avenger-Mens-Black-Met-Guard-Mining-BootThe Avenger Black Met Guard Mining Boot boasts a removable insole and offers electrical hazard protection. It’s a lot of boot for under $85.

Another boot by Avenger is the brown Steel Toed Boot made of full-grain crazy horse leather. Full-grain is the strongest leather you can buy. Crazy horse leather is also known as saddle leather and is made by applying special waxes to the surface. It’s an abrasion-resistant boot with a steel toe cap and removable dual density insole.

Here’s one for the ladies: Nautilus’ Women’s Composite Toe Clog in full-grain Nubuck leather with a composite safety toe cap. What’s so great about Nubuck? Nubuck is a top-grain leather that is buffed to give a velvet-like surface. It is highly wear-resistant. While it is stronger and thicker than suede, it is just as soft. It is a luxurious leather and a bit more expensive because of the processing.

CSGBOTM1000032305_-00_Nautilus-Mens-Composite-Toe-ESD-HikerWe offer the ESD hiker, also in Nubuck and also by Nautilus. ESD stands for Electro Static Dissipative construction, which reduces excess static electricity. This handsome brown composite toe boot is waterproof with a removable sockliner.

And what about the Avenger Composite Toe EH (electrical hazard) Boot? air bags, bumper toe, and cross stabilizers! This shoe’s list of specs reads like a new car window sticker!

The list goes on. Why don’t you head over to one of our pages now and find the shoe that will make you glad you retired your old pair!

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