Safety Glasses as Sunglasses

EdgeRemember I said I suspected Andy would steal my safety glasses? Remember I told you about his golf outing last weekend? Well, they went missing about that time…

When he got back, I told him he owed me some quotes in exchange for the glasses. He said that in the active environment, the glasses were perfect. They felt great. He wore them the whole time because it was sunny, and didn’t notice he had them on. He wears safety glasses for work every day and said they are the most comfortable he’s ever worn. In fact, they are more comfortable than any sunglasses he’s worn.

I asked about the ear pieces. He said they didn’t pinch. The nose? Perfect for his adorable hunky nose (I can say that because I am a hunky too).

He volunteered to steal them back and pose for golfing and if he does, I will update this blog with that photo. I suspect he just wants to golf and wear the glasses again.

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