About Us: Who, When, What, Where?


It has been a while since we’ve written about our company. For those of you that have been viewing our blog for a long time, you may already know about our company. For those of you new to us and our blog, our Construction Gear site is only one of our eight extremely successful stores.

WHO? We are an eCommerce company currently operating 8 stores. We have both an office team and a warehouse team that work together to quickly & efficiently get you the product you need. As a whole, we are known as Online Stores.

WHEN? We have successfully been in business since 2002!

WHAT? As mentioned we have 8 different websites. All sites offer you extremely low prices but they each have their own specialties. Construction Gear carries work wear for industries that need durability and reliable work boots, work clothes and accessories. Discount Safety Gear is your one stop shop for safety equipment. This store carries hard hats, safety glasses, ergonomics, welding equipment, respirators, hearing protection and so much more. (CG also carries these items but DSG has a larger variety.) Safety Girl is like the previous two stores but tailored for a woman. United States Flag Store is simply what it sounds like! It was our first store and continues to be our highest traffic website. We sell American flags, state flags, country flags, decorative flags, flag poles and flag accessories. The English Tea Store sells our own brand of tea plus many other popular brands. We carry all tea flavors, tea chests, tea sets, British foods and other accessories. Northline Express is the leading online supplier of fireplaces, chimney pipes, stove pipes, and wood burning stoves. Now is the best time to head over to that site since winter is coming! ToySplash is a fun water play site. We carry pool floats, inflatable pools, pool toys and beach accessories. As soon as spring hits, head over to this site to get affordable pool toys. Lastly, LightUp is our newest powerhouse. As you can tell, this store is all about lighting. We carry LED tubes, panels, bulbs and everything you need to “light up” your house or business.

WHERE? Our main warehouse & office is located in New Stanton, Pennsylvania. We receive and ship out of this location. But, we just recently opened two more warehouses to better serve our customers. They are located in Pennsylvania & Nevada.





Links to Sites: Construction Gear, Discount Safety Gear, Safety Girl, United States Flag Store, English Tea Store, Northline Express, ToySplash, & LightUp

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