Tips For Choosing Insulated Boots

Wolverine Insulated Boots
Insulated Boots

Have you ever been at a job site and complained of cold, sweaty or uncomfortable feet? Buy multiple pairs of insulated boots. A popular brand of footwear insulation is Thinsulate.The brand has a great reputation for helping keep feet remain warm and comfortable. Did you know that there several levels of Thinsulate? Knowing this can help you choose the right work boot for the right season.

Early Spring

It’s early spring and construction season is beginning. You’re in need of a pair of work boots with minimal insulation. The recommended level of Thinsualte for your boots is 400 grams. This level of insulation is perfect for the brisk temperatures to keep your feet comfortable.

Late Spring – Early Fall

You’re working long days and most likely baking in your work boots during this time of the year. Consider buying non-insulated waterproof boots to keep your feet dry and comfortable. This is sure to make wearing boots during the warm months more bearable.

Late Fall

The days on the job site are getting shorter and the temperatures are beginning to drop. It’s that time again to think of purchasing insulated boots to keep your feet warm and comfortable. To make life easier for your feet while on the job site consider buying insulated boots made with 400 grams of Thinsulate.


Keeping your feet warm and dry while on the job site during the winter is quite the challenge. Never fear Thinsulate can help you keep your feet dry and warm through the harsh winter elements. During the winter months there are two suggested levels of insulation to choose from depending on your job position. The two levels to choose from are 1,000 grams or 1,600 grams of Thinsulate. The people who are in positions such as foreman, bricklayer, mason, or any position performing light to minimal activity should choose the 1,000 grams insulation in their work boots. The people who are crane operators or anyone who is mainly staying in one place for long periods of time should choose the 1,600 grams of insulation in their  work boots.

Suggested grams of Thinsulate  for work boots:

  • 200 grams for cool conditions or high activity levels
  • 400 grams for cold conditions or moderate activity levels
  • 600 grams for very cold conditions
  • 800 grams for extremely cold conditions with light activity levels
  • 1,000+ grams for extremely cold conditions with light to minimal activity level

Keep in mind a few basics when choosing the level of insulation for your boots. The warmer the weather is the lower level of insulation needed in your boots and the colder the weather the more insulation you need in your boots. An exception to this is during the winter you need more insulation when doing minimal activity. Now you’re equipped to buy your insulated boots for every season.

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