Wolverine Boots are the Ultimate in Comfort

Wolverine Boots

Automotive shock absorbers reduce bounce by pushing a piston through fluid (oil), which creates cushiony resistance and a smooth ride. Shock absorbers are a necessary ingredient for a smooth ride, standard equipment you wouldn’t drive without. Applying this same technology and theory, Wolverine created an entire line of work boots and shoes with a Durashocks outsole. Wolverine Durashocks  feature strategically placed cushioned pads that compress under the weight of each footstep, absorbing and softening every blow just like automotive shocks.

Switch Gears: Over 80% of the footwear customers we measure suffer from excessive elongation and overpronation. Okay, so what the heck does that mean? Well, that’s fancy schmancy babble for their feet are collapsing as a result of the daily stress, pounding and abuse. This “collapsing” can cause pain in your ankles, knees, back and neck. Ouch! So you see, your feet are extremely important to your overall health, and the work boots you buy play a key role in your foot health. The next time your feet start to bark or your work boots wear out, take a closer look at Wolverine Durashocks and think shock absorbers for your feet.

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