Carhartt Double Knee Pants Do Double Duty

Carhartt Double Knee Dungaree

You’re looking for a rugged work pant and have narrowed your choice down to two types of  Carhartt double knee pants – duck dungaree and denim dungaree. Both pants are identical except for the fabric they’re made from. So, which one is tougher?

Good question.

How about we begin answering this question with a little product knowledge?

Okay then, the Carhartt washed double knee denim dungarees are made from 14.75 oz pre-washed ring spun denim. Ring spun is a specific weaving process that adds to the durability of the denim.

The Carhartt double knee cotton duck dungarees are made from 11 oz unwashed cotton duck. Cotton duck is an extremely tightly wove, durable fabric, more so than denim. Because Carhartt wants to get the same relative durability out of both pants, the denim dungarees are 3.75 ounces heavier than the cotton duck dungarees.

So, technically speaking, both pants should have roughly the same wear and durability. But, for my money, I still give the  duck dungarees the nod in a close race. Even while giving up some weight to the denim dungarees, the cotton duck material is still more durable.

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