Stylish Pink Hard Hats For Women

North Pink Hard Hat

Ladies, the time has come for you to make a fashion statement at the jobsite! Several leading manufacturers heard your pleas to look more feminine at work. Manufacturers including North, MSA, Pyramex, and Skull Bucket listened and designed fashionable hard hats in shades of pink. The selection of pink hard hats featured includes hard hats in both full brim and cap style.

You may be thinking, “Do these pink hard hats provide the same level of head protection as their predecessors?” The answer is, “Yes, absolutely!” North pink hard hats are dependable and versatile designed with a HDPE (high-density polyethylene) shell, rain trough, and accessory slots. It also dons comfort features such as ratchet adjustment, 4-point nylon suspension, 3-level height adjustment, and more. The pink hard hat from North is ANSI Type I, Class E compliant. This fashionable hard hat provides protection from objects falling straight down toward your head and up to 20,000 volts of electricity.

MSA Pink Hard Hat

Another manufacturer who heard all of you hardworking ladies is MSA. The Company retails a pink V-Gard cap style hard hat is designed with a HDPE shell, Fas-Trac (ratchet) suspension, and accessories slots to provide you with head protection and comfort. One word of caution about this hard hat is it does not protect against lateral blows from the side, front, or rear.

Pyramex Pink Hard Hat

Pyramex, another leading manufacturer of hard hats also designs pink hard hats. The featured pink cap style hard hat by Pyramex features a low profile design made of HDPE with brow pad, 4-point ratchet suspension, accessory slots, and rough troughs on sides and back of helmet. It is a hat above all the rest with all the features to keep you safe, fashionable, comfortable, and dry. Above all else, this pink hard hat is ANSI Type I, Class C and E compliant meaning it will protect you from objects falling directly above your head and up to 22,000 volts of electricity.

Skull Bucket Pink Hard Hat

Finally yet importantly, Skull Bucket offers pink aluminum hats in both cap style and full brim. Both styles of hard hats feature 4-point ratchet suspension system rendering them perfect for heavy-duty jobs including construction, demolition, and logging, blasting, and drilling. Skull Bucket is currently the only manufacturer retailing aluminum hard hats that are ANSI Type I, Class C compliant (no electrical protection provided). In addition, to ANSI compliance, Skull Bucket pink hard hats are durable, comfortable, and offer superior head protection. The featured hard hats are available in regular aluminum style or long wearing powder color.

A few words of wisdom are to remember to clean your hard hat, inspect it after each use, and replace hard hat shell and suspension as recommended by the manufacturer. Get out there and make a splash with your stylish pink hard hat!

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