Decal Hard Hats Proudly Display American Patronage

Fibre Metal Spirit of America Hard Hat

Do you resonate with Lee Greenwood when he belts out the phrase, “Proud to be an American?” If so then you are in good company with millions of other fellow citizens. Now is the time to celebrate your proud American patronage. Our great country recently elected a new president as well as Memorial Day and Independence Day are coming up soon. Why not proudly display you are “proud to be an American” everyday? An excellent way to boast your patronage to this country and be safe at the same time is a decal hard hat.

MSA American Eagle Hard Hat

MSA, Fibre Metal, and Jackson each retail handsome hard hats with impeccable patriotic artwork on them. Each retailer offers unique designs including American eagles and stars and stripes flags. For example, Fibre Metal retails their Spirit of America hard hats featuring amazing artwork with an eagle that appears to jump off the hat. Not only is the artwork aesthetically pleasing; it will not fade, chip, or peel. MSA takes their patriotism a step further with their Freedom Series hard hats featuring American flags and eagles. The Freedom Series line of hard hats is exclusive to MSA offering bright, vibrant artwork with a superior finish to withstand impacts and high temperatures. Jackson retails their exclusive line of Head Turners Hard Hat Designs featuring a billowing American flag on them. These hats boldly display an American flag from front to back showing the world you are “proud to be an American.”

Jackson Head Turners American Flag Design Hard Hat

In addition to being pieces of artwork, all featured hard hats meet ANSI Z89.1 standards providing the same level of head protection you have become accustomed. Depending on your preference or job requirements, helmets are available in either full brim or cap style. This is perfect for workers everywhere – patriotism, style, and safety all in one package. Show your patriotism everyday and be safe with a decal hard hat.

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