Hard Hat Chin Straps Can Prevent Head Injury

North Hard Hat Chin Strap

Too often there are reports of head injuries at work sites. Sometimes the injuries are the result of workers not wearing their hard hats. Other times injuries result from hard hat suspensions not being properly installed. The majority of the time injuries are caused from a hard hat becoming dislodged from the worker’s head. Is this not terrible – work related head injuries are the result of their head protection falling off? The sad part is the problem can be prevented by purchasing an inexpensive accessory for their hard hat – a chin strap.

Chin straps are designed to prevent a worker’s hard hat from falling off as a result of being bumped by another employee, high winds, or awkward work positions (i.e. bent over). This accessory also helps to protect pedestrians and fellow employees down below by keeping the hard hat where it belongs, on the wearer’s head. It is ideal for several work environments including windy job sites, high-rise construction, utility lines, shipyards, and any high elevation.

Universal Hard Hat Chin Strap

Additional benefits of chin straps are that they are easy to use, can be worn on dielectric hard hats, and inexpensive. This accessory is so simple to use – the wearer simply attaches the chip strap ends into their hard hat slots, adjust to their individual comfort level, and off they go. Chin straps are also suitable for dielectric head protection, because they do not contain metal parts which is ideal those workers in work environments with electricity. Last, but not least, this hard hat accessory is inexpensive – typically under $10. There is nothing better than an inexpensive, simple to use device that can prevent injury to yourself and others.

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  1. At this point the cost of chin strap is not so much my concern. The strap usually comes with a disclaimer stating that they don’t guarantee to keep the hard hat on in high winds etc. The chin strap plastic hooks are easily broken and the strap is not comfortable for perlonged use, or is it an attractive piece of equipment. It has been proven in the utility industry that if the safety equipment is comfortable durable and looks cool it will be worn.
    MY VERSION OF HTE PERFECT HEAD PROTECTION for utilities, chin strap permanently mounted on hard hat, hard hat Class E type 1, wide brim with short peak on front, capable of attaching hearing protection and two types of face sheild clear and mesh.

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