Hard Hat Accessories Keep Cool You at the Job Site

Are you miserable wearing a hard hat in the heat? The good news you are not alone, so many workers complain of being too warm and sweat dripping into their eyes. Those days are over thanks to hard hat accessories by North, Occunomix, Rawhyde Frontier, MSA, and Miracool.

One type of product that helps make life easier is sweatbands. They are available in both terry cloth and leather. Both materials help to absorb sweat to keep you comfortable in the heat all day long. Each of the featured sweatbands is easy to place inside hard hat suspensions. You have a choice of Velcro or plastic snaps ensuring a secure fit.  All sweatbands are washable and have a universal fit for most hard hats.

Hard Hat Shade

Another selection of products designed to keep you cool and comfortable are hard hat shades from Occunomix. Hard hat shades shield you from unwanted sun exposure while providing a cooler and comfortable environment. They have a universal fit for almost any hard hat providing easy installation. All you do is fit it over the outside rim of your hard hat and allow the shade to drop down over the back of your neck. It is so simple, yet pure genius.


The best of the best when it comes to keeping your cool in a hard hat is a doo-hat from Rawhyde Frontier. Doo-hats are similar to bandanas made of 100% cotton making them super absorbent and comfortable. Another feature of doo-hats is they can be worn alone when you are off the worksite.

All of these products make wearing a hard hat during the spring and summer cooler making you a happier employee. So, what are you waiting for? Get your spring and summer gear now… the warm weather will be here before you know it. Happy spring everyone!

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