Aluminum Hard Hats are Making a Comeback

Cap Aluminum Hard Hat

Have you had the experience of finding the perfect item and then the manufacturer discontinues it? This gets to be quite a pain and frustrating. It is almost the same as Pepsi discontinuing their version of clear cola years ago. Another favorite item of mine that was discontinued years ago is the aluminum hard hat. After years of wearing hard hats made of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), my old favorite is back complements of Skull Bucket. The company has redeveloped aluminum hard hats to make them more durable, stronger, and comply with ANSI Z89.1-2003 standards.

These aluminum hard hats are perfect for those workers who want “vintage” head protection gear with optimal protection and comfort. All of Skull Bucket’s aluminum hard hats are a Type 1, Class C helmets. This means that the hat will protect the wearer from objects falling straight down on to their head. The Class C indicates that this head protection gear does not provide electrical protection. Skull Bucket aluminum hard hats are ideal for several work environments including logging, firefighting, gas and oil drilling, construction, heavy equipment operators, and demolition.

Full Brim Aluminum Hard Hat

Skull Bucket aluminum hard hats are available in two different styles – full brim or cap style both featuring 4-point ratchet suspensions. The new design is made with space-age aluminum alloy giving them the ability to withstand extreme heat. Today’s modern aluminum hard hats feature superior durability with a reinforced crown secured by eight rivets. It does not stop there – cap style aluminum hard hats sport accessory slot for a faceshield, earmuffs, pencil clippers, and other hardhat attachments. The best feature of all is Skull Bucket aluminum hard hats are available in a variety of different colors applied with a longwearing powder coating.

For those workers who want unique head protection with comfort and durability then Skull Bucket aluminum hard hats is definitely the way to go. The hard hats are the epitome of comfort and durability. There is nothing better than being comfortable and having a hat that keeps for a long time. Get your hard hat and be safe!

3 thoughts on “Aluminum Hard Hats are Making a Comeback

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  1. I personally prefer the Fiber Material hats but required to wear the Poly hats. I have seen more and more of the AL hats around lately. It is certainly fashionable. I never did like them. But of course I work around a lot of Electricity.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I completely understand you not being a fan of aluminum hard hats. In your case working around electricity this type of hard hat is not a good choice since they are not ANSI compliant for this use. Definitely good to hear that you are using head protection to protect yourself from injury. Smart thinking.

    Krystal Lane

  3. I work in heavy highway construction. Everything on the site pretty much, can be a potential hazard.

    Having sustained a head injury a few years ago while on the job. Aside from the nine stiches and concusion. My full brim hard hat save my lfe!!

    I was never fond of the cap style cap, even though every company you work for gives you one, on your first day. I have always felt that it gave the least amout of protection a few ways. Poor coverage from the sun and rain.

    Reguardles of who I work for I bring my own full brim hard hat, and pass on the new company cap style.

    Most professional construction works wear the brown full brim fibre hard hats.

    I wanted something that offered the same protetion but differant. I also never work around electricty.

    So I ordered up a new yellow Skull bucket and extra sweat bands.

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