Carolina Insulated Logger Work Boots – 4821 & 5821

Despite the popularity of these Carolina logger boots, we haven’t received much feedback on them. That’s not such a bad thing, though—some people believe silence is golden. And besides, you can’t argue with the sales numbers, which point to one conclusion and one conclusion only: customer satisfaction. So what makes these logger boots so great?... Continue Reading →

Should Employers Pay for Work Boots?

Work boots can be bought in different styles and special features. But when work boots are worn on the job to protect from abrasions, falling objects, chemical spills, or electric shock, should employees have to foot the bill? In recent years there has been heated controversy over who should buy safety shoes – the employee... Continue Reading →

Work Boots Buyers Guide

Today's work boot truly is a modern marvel. Goodbye boring old one-size-fits-all work boot. Welcome to the era of possibilities! As a kid growing up with a father in the construction business, I've worn out more than my fair share of work boots over the years. Nearly every summer for as long as I can... Continue Reading →

Is That an Imposter Carhartt?

Just a little FYI for all you Carhartt enthusiasts out there, the company doesn’t manufacture their footwear. Sorry to disappoint you but the boots are actually manufactured by the Red Wing Shoe Company. Carhartt licenses their name and identity to  Red Wing for a fee.  In turn, the company manufacturers boots under the prestigious Carhartt... Continue Reading →

Tips For Choosing Insulated Boots

Have you ever been at a job site and complained of cold, sweaty or uncomfortable feet? Buy multiple pairs of insulated boots. A popular brand of footwear insulation is Thinsulate.The brand has a great reputation for helping keep feet remain warm and comfortable. Did you know that there several levels of Thinsulate? Knowing this can... Continue Reading →

Comfort at Work with Danner Boots

During the Industrial Revolution, U.S. business moguls like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller built their empires on the back of hard-nosed, blue-collar Americans. You know the type. In fact, you probably stare at him every morning when you look in the mirror. These weathered individuals broke their backs and pounded their feet... Continue Reading →

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