Timberland Work Boots Are the Best on the Market

Timberland Pro Titan Work Boots

Okay, I get a lot of questions from customers asking me to recommend the best work boots available.

That’s a real tough question, and the answer is, well, it depends.

Much of it is subjective, and has to be. Feet are like clouds, coming in different shapes and sizes, and not all work boots will fit everyone the same. Equally, much of it depends on the work boot being a good match for the work conditions for which it’s being used.

I, myself, have always been a huge fan of work boots that are made from full grain leather featuring a Goodyear welt (stitchdown) construction. Aside from comfort, my feeling is that these are the most durable and provide the best value. However, after watching a recent video from Timberland that shows their new Ever-Guard leather work boots being abused in a sandblasting booth, I’ve come away rather impressed.

My first mental image of Timberland boots prior to adding them to our line was all fluff, no substance. I thought they would rest on the success of their urban line, targeting comfort and style. Man, was I wrong.

Timberland seems to offer the most complete package of any brand I’ve seen; comfort, style, durability and price. At the very least, they have been the most innovative work boot manufacturer out there.

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