Toe Guards Help Your Work Boots Last Longer

Boot Saver Toe Guards

Are you trashing your work boots? Wearing holes through the toes? If so, I’ve got a inexpensive, creative solution for you!

Take a gander at the toe guards for work boots at These tiny little rubber toe guards glue onto the tips of your work boots adding an extra layer of protection, preventing toe wear. Yes, I know, they aren’t the prettiest things in the world, but hey, work isn’t a fashion show and they do come in three colors to help blend in with the color of your work boots.

If you do pick up a pair of these toe guards, please keep in mind a couple things:

Each package includes two (2) boot guards, enough for one pair of work boots.

Everything you need to attach the Boot Saver toe guards is included. You’ll get a small piece of sand paper to rough the surface of your work boots, and glue to make the stick!

Be sure to clean your boots thoroughly before attaching the toe guards. Also, don’t apply any boot grease or conditioner before attaching these suckers. I found that these are two key ingredients to making a lasting bond.

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