Durability of Carhartt Work Pants

You know, every so often, you need to give yourself a gut check. Sometimes, it’s to make sure you’re making right decisions, other times it’s to stop you from walking down a jagged trail. There’s no rule in life stating that you have to keep walking down the path you’re currently on. You can always make a U-turn, and choose a different road.

Okay, where am I going with this, right?

Carhartt Dungarees

We’ll, the other day, I started thinking about what I’m selling and I began wondering if it’s really as good as advertised, or do I believe my own hype? Are the wimp-proof products I promote that much more rugged than any other? Is this the mountain I want to own? Hey, some guys are getting decent wear from the cheap stuff, why pay more, right?

Well, the answer to my questions came from a good friend of mine who stopped by the other day. He reminded me about the first time we met. He came in my store looking for a pair of durable work pants. At the time, he was mowing lawns for a living. Frustrated by the fact that he was on his 21st pair of Levis that season, he demanded to see the most rugged pair of pants I sold. He simply couldn’t stand to see his all his profits go to buying more pants.

I sold him two pairs of 15 ounce, Carhartt double knee denim dungarees. Those two pairs of jeans lasted him the rest of the season, and most of the following season as well. He went from 21 pairs of work jeans down to two!

To this day, that is my greatest testimonial to the durability of the products I sell.

So, is there a difference in quality? Obviously, yes, but sometimes you just need a healthy reminder.

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