Things to Remember When Buying Work Boots

There’s nothing more miserable than having wet and cold feet. Even so, there’s little need to splurge on 200, 400 or even 600 gram Thinsulate boots. That is, unless you live in extremely cold environments.

Think in terms of flexibility and savings.

Insulated Boots

Observation #1: In most areas of the country, you’re only going to need to wear insulated work boots three or four months out of the year.

Observation #2: Given Observation #1, you’re going to have to spend hard-earned money on yet another pair of work boots for warmer weather.

Observation #3: The solution would be to pick up a few pairs of boot sockswith varying degrees of thickness. Similar to layering with outerwear, choose the thickness of sock to wear based on the weather, maybe even doubling up on really cold days.

Here’s another idea. Buy a pair of waterproof boots lined with Gore-Tex®. Waterproof boots keep your feet dry and comfortable.  They’re also equivalent to about 200 grams on insulation, keeping your feet warm as well. Therefore, keep your feet happy and save a little money too!

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