Carhartt Clothing Can Shrink

Carhartt Duck Bib Overalls

What a nightmare for guys out there who spend their hard-earned money on work clothing only to find that their new Carhartt sweatshirt has shrunk to an uncomfortable, unbearable size that they haven’t seen since high school.

The predicament is so bad I feel the need to issue the following:

WARNING: Please be aware when buying work clothes made from the firm-hand (unwashed) 100% cotton duck that these items will shrink 1 – 1 ½” overall. Also, it may take up to three washings for the shrinking to complete.

Yes indeed, the  original cotton duck fabric shrinks considerably. Be sure to buy these items a size or two larger depending on style and personal preference. For example, if you’re wearing your Carhartt overalls over your pants, it’s probably a good idea to buy them two sizes larger. If you’re still in doubt check out the Fabric Guides.

Carhartt does make the same clothing in a pre-washed version (at least for most items and styles).  The chance shrinking is reduced, so buy the size you normally would wear. This “safe route” eliminates the guesswork and headaches. The only downside is price. Pre-washed items usually cost a few bucks more than their unwashed counterparts, but for my money it’s worth every penny.

Whichever way you choose to go is obviously up to you, but just heed my warning, friend.

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  1. Yeah, Carhatt has a problem with shrinkage since a lot of their products aren’t washed before hand. I had to throw my pair of trusty bibs away since they shrank so much. Could be because I’ve gained some weight. haha. But I found a pair of bibs I really like from Dri Duck. So comfortable and they haven’t failed me yet.

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